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Go for Green Light!

Updated: 6 days ago

Go For Gren Light

Reasons to Go for Green Light!

Green Led Light therapy, also known as “photo biomodulation” or PBM, benefits include:

Green Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) offers Pain Relief for migraines, headaches and minor joint pain. Use it to save the expensive medication.

Green Light! Photo biomodulation (PBM) for Circadian Rhythm Regulation

Bright white light and blue light have the biggest effects on circadian rhythm.

Green Light! can help seasonal affective disorder, jet lag, or sleeping problems. Since green is a secondary colour from mixing yellow and blue. It is similar to blue light, making you feel more alert when used after you wake up. This time will vary with your work shift. Do not use it before you go to sleep.

Green Light! PBM for Depression

Daily exposure to green light treats depression symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorder Bright white/blue light is the standard for treating SAD and some people with year-round depression find using the light in the morning is helpful.

Green Light! Therapy reduces Skin Redness like Rosacea etc...

Green Light! PBM is a great for redness and hyperpigmentation. The calming effect of green light wavelengths soothe redness away, making green light useful for those with rosacea or hyperpigmentation issues like Age Spots, Liver Spots, or Sun Spots, injury, acne scarring.

Green Light! is effective for rosacea and erythema, as it soothes the affected skin area. Red and Yellow is also useful for Rosacea

Melanin-producing cells, melanocytes, aren't evenly distributed on the body. Green light therapy decreases melanin production and age spots.

Green Light! therapy is another option that is tolerated by most skin types. It's a timely process taking several weeks or months to see results. Sunscreen use helps maintain and quicken the results. Consistent, gentle exfoliation speeds up results. This allows sun damaged skin to be removed and, healthier skin cells are replaced.

Chloasma (pregnancy mask) a decolorated mask-like shape on the face or belly, should not be treated with green light therapy. Research has not been done on it. Please avoid it until after childbirth.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes hyperpigmentation and several other symptoms. It is easily treated by improving B12 absorption or adding it to the diet. Green Light! therapy should only be used after the B12 deficiency is tested for and corrected, and with the doctor's approval.

FrecklesFreckles are harmless, uneven genetic pigmentation. Green Light! therapy can help lighten freckles, but will not make them disappear completely.

Celiac Disease N– is a serious gluten intolerance, to North American wheat and other products. The hyperpigmentation in celiac disease can be seen with large discolored spots, and can cause darkened skin in the underarm area. If hyperpigmentation does not resolve on its own, by restricting gluten from the diet, you can begin using intense green light therapy afterwards.

Diseases Affecting HormonesAddison’s disease, Cushing’s disease or Graves’ disease causes pigmentation problems. It is fine for people with these conditions to use green light therapy so long as their health care practitioner agrees.

How Regular use of Green Light! Therapy Fades or Removes Hyperpigmentation

Green Light! therapy breaks up clumps of melanocytes and helps to regulate them. Green light therapy is a diffuse light, or non-laser light. It penetrates the deepest level of the outer skin layers. Where pigmentation resides. It offers instant energy. Hyperpigmented cells can use to repair and reorganize. The outer layers of skin become smoother, with better skin tone.

Green Light!

Ready to Try Green Light Therapy?

I recommend RubyLux . They offer hassle-free returns so you can try their affordable green light (or more) on yourself. They offer small and large bulbs that you can screw into a light fixture or electrical cord with a socket. You can return it back for a full refund. They offer an automatic 60 day return window so their customers have plenty of time to try it out.

Ruby Green Led Lights

Give Green RubyLux bulbs a try today!

They are featured at the top of the page.

Below are some other options that have adjustable white and green colours.


Hooga Green Light Therapy Lamp


Migraine Relief Green Light Therapy Lamp

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Photosensitive products are a concern when using light therapy. Be knowledgeable of them.


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