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How I reduced long term side effects of my husbands concussion

Updated: May 31

Arnica Montana Flowers
How I helped my Husband's Concussion

Years ago, my husband came home with the left side of his face bleeding and swollen. He was training for a marathon and had slipped on something. How he came home from that amazed me, as he had walked home quite a distance. I am a holistic esthetician. I am trained with the usage of homeopathic remedies. The first thing, I thought to do was apply Arnica gel on the swelling. Later on, I gave him some Arnica tablets. We took him to the hospital. He received a cat scan. They confirmed the internal bleeding had stopped and that he had a concussion. When he came back home. I continued to give him Arnica tablets 4 times a day. A week later he had no swelling in his head. He received physiotherapy, lots of rest, a high Omega 3 diet with astaxanthin and lots of salmon.

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The brain is made of fat. It needs healthy fats for neurogenesis to take place. My Therapeutic Touch friends also did energy work on him. Three months later he was able to fully function in his career as a beekeeper. (Honey Farmer)


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How I reduced long term side effects of my husbands concussion

Years later I found out that

Arnica Montana is the most frequently used homeopathic medicine for concussions. The medicine can be given for any head trauma with bruising, swelling, or pain. People who receive Arnica at the beginning of a concussion do not have the long-term side affects of a concussion.

Understanding what products do is a part of being an aesthetician. Thankfully, I had learned about this ingredient which is also used in skin care for helping with various forms of Rosacea.


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Arnica might slow blood clotting. Taking arnica along with medications that also slow blood clotting might increase the risk of bruising and bleeding The active chemicals in arnica may reduce swelling, decrease pain, and act as antibiotics. But arnica can be unsafe when taken by mouth unless it's used in the tablet form or homeopathic dilutions. Homeopathic products contain extreme dilutions of the active chemicals. Arnica gel can be applied to the skin for osteoarthritis.


Holistica Arnica Montana gel

Arnica is an herb believed to help relieve pain associated with arthritis and muscle soreness. People most commonly use arnica for pain caused by osteoarthritis. It is also used for bleeding, bruising, swelling after surgery, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. Arnica is also used as a flavor ingredient in beverages, candy, baked goods, and other foods. It can be poisonous when consumed in larger amounts.

Arnica is possibly safe when applied to unbroken skin, short-term. But it is likely unsafe to apply arnica to broken skin because it can be absorbed into the body.

Arnica Montana’s mother tincture should be diluted or may cause side effects like nausea, rapid heart rate, and bruising or bleeding. Do not use in combination with blood-thinning and slow clotting drugs like anticoagulants or antiplatelet. Arnica is a photosensitive substance.


Arnica Montana tincture

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Don't take arnica by mouth or apply it to the skin if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. It is considered likely unsafe. Allergy to ragweed and related plants:

If you are allergic to ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and many others. Check with your healthcare provider before applying arnica to your skin. Do not take arnica by mouth.

Surgery: Stop using it at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery, it might cause extra bleeding. It is better to use after, to reduce swelling and bruising. Taking the oral form is also useful after dental work.

Arnica is a vasoconstrictor. That means it makes the blood vessels narrower. It speeds up the circulation. It contains a wide array of inflammation-fighting plant compounds, such as sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, and phenolic acids. As such, it's believed to help with pain management.


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Arnica is also used in gels, creams, and ointments, tablet form, and homeopathic remedies.

Arnica is used topically for a wide range of conditions, including bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, superficial phlebitis, joint pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling from broken bones and concussions. More recent studies suggest it may also be helpful in the

treatment of burns. Get some today. It's a great first aid product.