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Ida Fanelli Self employed Holistic Aesthetician

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Welcome to Esthetics By Ida

Thank you for your Interest

Esthetics by Ida's has been established since  July 1994 and has thousands of satisfied clients.
Esthetics By Ida proudly welcomes, supports, and celebrates all diversities. Ida believes everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel that way in her holistic spa and in the world. Here  you have the options of waxing, sugaring or I.P.L (Painless Laser) for hair growth management. I am a full-service home based  aesthetics salon  with Holistic and Medi Spa options.  Taxes are included in my competitive prices for my services. I recommend and sell Zanqara Holistic Skin Care. I now offer  Micha Henna brow tinting. People come here because they feel comfortable seeing the same person they can trust and want  to avoid the business of a salon. If you are in a situation where you need help with a scar or are having a problem with the skin healing well. I can also help you with that. Referrals are greatly appreciated and rewarded. I am also interested in nutrition and health. I am always interested in sharing information with my clients. The social media sites listed at bottom of the page, have more information about me and my services. I also have started a
blog for those of you that don't believe in social media. I hope you enjoy the information! I love learning and sharing information!  My husband is a beekeeper. We also sell local raw honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and maple syrup at the same location. It's a one stop shop!
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Services Offered

Shellac CND Polish
 Hot Oil Manicure Mitts & Pedicure Booties
Waxing  & Sugaring Hair Removal
Lash Brow Tinting and Shaping
Henna brow tinting and shaping
Head & Shoulder Massage
Swedish Massage
Zanqara Holistic Facial
Zanqara Holistic Peels
High Frequency device
Reflexology on feet
Energy Healing
Foot Detox
Red Light  NIR Light Therapy
Dolphin Microcurrent Point Stimulation
Sharplight IPL Hair Reduction,Skin Rejuvenation,Vascular Pigmentation
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