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Therapeutic Touch    $20 per session

It is a gentle complimentary healing method practiced throughout the world. TT profoundly enhances the quality of nurturing care from birth to death. 
The TT practitioner uses their hands and administers TT with the intent of supporting a move toward greater health in the recipient. A human being is an energy field. Energy flow is impeded to various degrees by stress, illness or trauma. The TT practitioner uses their hands to assess the energy field and support the normal flow of energy throughout the body. Research indicates that TT induces a rapid relaxation response, reduces pain, speeds healing, supports the immune system and reduces stress and anxiety. TT is safe and effective. Very little actual touch is actually involved.

Expectations from a TT treatment:
The receiver remains clothed and may sit or lie down for the treatment. which lasts 20 minutes. A 20-minute rest is recommended after the TT to help with the effectiveness of the treatment.
Animals benefit, and enjoy TT as well. They come under the same laws of physics and humans.
Ida has been practicing TT since 1998

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