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Dolphin M.P.S.  Neurotism (micro point stimulation)

This medical-grade microcurrent device speeds up the ATP production of cells. It is beneficial for brightening and tightening of the skin. Its' direct current voltage puts the body in a parasympathetic state (very relaxed), which places it in the ideal condition for healing. It speeds up the body's circulatory, lymphatic, skeletal, nervous and muscular systems.
It has many uses. To learn about them, go to the bottom of this page. In my vocation, I am limited in using it for the following:
Skin Rejuvenation (Fine Lines) (Brightening & Tightening)
Pigmentation lightening
Speed up healing of post-surgical scars
Scar reduction
Releasing scars connection to the Fascia.
Speed up healing of fractured bones.

Dolphin MPS is 
FDA approved
Medical Grade
No bruising
No bleeding
Limited downtime
Immediate results
Minimal pain
Safe & Effective

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Dolphin-mps-microcurrent device

These pictures were taken a day apart. The first picture is of a fresh burn to the foot. I treated it, with the Microcurrent  twice, 24 hours apart. The client was able to walk with less pain, immediately after the  first treatment .T Think of the possibilities, Scars heal quicker. You get your life back sooner


I treated her for about 5 minutes each time. Every time, the sun spot became less evident.

Someone punched her in the face. She also had a nose job that didn't heal well. I treated her many times. Notice that her eyes aren't droopy, and she has a balanced smile.

Dolphin-microcurrent - wrist-Before-After-burn

This woman had this burn for a week. She came in with an open sore that wouldn't heal. I treated her for 20 min and saw the burn seal up and form a scab. I treated her two more times after that, a week apart. She had no evidence of a burn weeks later.

For more information on other things it can do go to

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