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Henna Brow with Tinting


micha  lash henna brow tinting

Henna Dyes do not modify the hair on the brow. It's an excellent vegan-friendly option for the brow. It acts like a protective blanket coating the top layer of the hair. It gives the appearance of softer, smoother and thicker hair. It helps to strengthen and restore hair growth. It lasts two weeks on the skin and three weeks on the hair, depending on aftercare. 

Contradictions and aftercare are below.


Henna Eye Brow Tinting and shaping

Allergy to nuts or patch test

Open sores on the skin around the eyebrow

Herpes virus around the eye area

Excessively oily skin: Henna may not stain on excessively oily skin.

Previously tinted eyebrows within the past two weeks.

The client must be over 16 years old

The client is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Get the doctor's approval.

Henna Brow Aftercare Instructions :

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