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zanqara holistic skin care benefits

Benefits of a Facial 

I recommend and sell Zanqara Holistic Skin Care

Facials involve cleansing, toning, massaging, steaming and deep pore cleansing of the skin on the face and neck. Products suited to the person's skin type are applied to restore a healthy balance. I recommend regular facials to reverse the damage caused by nutritional deficiencies, pollution, drastic temperature changes, alcohol, tobacco smoking, overexposure to the sun, and synthetic products. Particularly those containing alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. "Zanqara" is one of the few lines that doesn't include Retinoids, AHA or BHA's in its products. It is compatible with IPL (Laser). It is vegan-friendly.

Zit Zapper Facial        $70

Compatible with I.P.L. Laser 

I cleanse, tone, massage, steam and deep pore cleansing (if required) the face and neck. I use the "High Frequency" machine or "Light Therapy" to reduce acne or stimulate collagen and elastin. This facial has two masks and a more extended massage. Each facial mask is suited for acneic skin. I leave the first mask on for 25 minutes. The facial length varies depending on the duration of extractions. The client can leave the second mask on longer as it is absorbed into the skin and becomes invisible. Days after, the client will notice a significant reduction in their acne problem.

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