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Pedicure with polish          $35

      without polish           $30

Two options are available. A stainless-steel pan: protected by a plastic bag. A copper pedicure pan. I mix the water with antiseptic Herbal (rosemary, lavender and pine essential oils) bath salts. I soak the feet for 15 minutes. I shape the cuticles, nails, ingrown nails, corns and callouses. Feet are exfoliated and massaged. Polish is applied if requested.

All utensils I use for pedicures are sterilized with steam to ensure your safety. Steam used in sterilization is hot enough that when it comes into contact with a colder object and condenses, it transfers enough heat energy to kill all the bacteria on the load. Steam is such an effective agent for sterilization.

Copper has many benefits, including:

Physical and mental benefits include

  • relaxing tired feet,

  • improving blood circulation,

  • increasing hemoglobin production in red blood cells,

  • increasing strength and stamina,

  • relieving joint arthritic pain,

  • helping internal organs induce sound sleep,

  • calming the body and

  • reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Restore energy.

Copper has a natural ability to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

pedicure before and after
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