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Pedicure with polish          $30

      without polish           $27

Stainless steel pan is protected by plastic bag. Copper pedicure pan is also offered as an option.  Antiseptic Herbal bath salts which have eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils are added to the water. They have color therapy implemented in them with a beautiful cobalt blue.  After soaking cuticles and nails are shaped, ingrown nails, corns and callouses are addressed. Feet are exfoliated and massaged. Polish is applied if requested.
All utensils I use for pedicure are sterilized with steam to ensure your safety. Steam used in sterilization is hot enough that when it comes into contact with a colder object and condenses, it transfers enough heat energy to kill all the bacteria on the load. This is one reason why steam is such an effective agent for sterilization.
Coppers many benefits include:
Physical and mental benefits include relax tired feet, improve blood circulation, increases hemoglobin production in red blood cells, increase strength and stamina, relieve joint arthritic pain, help internal organs, induce sound sleep, calms the body, and reduce stress, anxiety, depression. restore energy.
Copper is recognized for its natural ability to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses as well.
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