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Enzyme Peel         $80

I recommend regular peels because they reverse the damage caused by nutritional deficiencies, pollution, drastic temperature change, alcohol, tobacco smoking, overexposure to the sun, and synthetic products. Particularly those containing alpha hydroxy acids , beta hydroxy acids and retinoids. "Zanqara" is one of the few lines that doesn't include Retinoids, AHA or BHA in its products. It is vegan-friendly.

I recommend and sell Zanqara Vegan Holistic Skin Care

zanqara holistic skin care benefits

Description of Enzyme Peel

I start with cleansing, toning, a massage and steaming. I use the "High Frequency" machine or "Light Therapy" to help absorption of facial products. The enzyme peel gives immediate results, showing improvements several days after application. It lightens pigmentation and eases wrinkles. It does this using a facial mask made with bromelain enzymes. The enzymes entirely strip the acid mantle of the skin. Because of this, extractions of blackheads and whiteheads are not allowed. It is beneficial for all skin types. 

The second mask removes any redness. Avoid the sun, and use makeup for 24 hours after this treatment. It is Vegan friendly.

Wait six weeks to get an IPL done after a peel. You are more likely to have pigmentation problems because the peel has thinned the skin.

Zanqara Holistic Enzyme Peeel
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