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zanqara holistic skin care benefits

I recommend and sell Zanqara Holistic Skin Care

Benefits of a Facial

Facials involve cleansing, toning, massaging, steaming and deep pore cleansing of the skin on the face and neck. Products which are suited to the persons skin type are applied to restore a healthy balance. Regular facials are recommended to reverse the damage caused by nutritional deficiencies, pollution, drastic temperature change, alcohol, tobacco smoking, over exposure to the sun, and synthetic products. Particularly those containing alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. "Zanqara" is one of the few lines that doesn't include Retinoids, AHA or BHA's in its products. It is  compatible with I.P.L (Laser). It is Vegan Friendly.

Wrinkles form when the muscles on your face tense up. Regular facial massages help relax them. Stimulating the face muscles with regular massage helps to bring blood filled oxygen to that area. Collagen production is enhanced.

Facial scars that are in the healing process, heal better. Scar tissue is loosened from fascia and nearby tissues, and bumps are flattened. (The best time to prevent a scar is when it is in the healing mode.)

A simple face massage can help relax muscle pain; it also reduces the stiffness in the muscles. Stress, anxiety, tension, and headaches can be improved as well.

Face massage helps in promoting healthy skin. It rejuvenates dull skin and helps reduce swelling by increasing lymphatic drainage. Toxins are directed to the lymph nodes in the armpits. The body cleans them out through its elimination system.

The “Holistica face massage” I do, also works on reflex points in the face, head, ears and neck area. The meridian lines in the body have endpoints in the feet, hands, ears and face. As long as it’s not an infectious case or during an acute stage of sinusitis, you can use massage to relieve sinus pressure, discomfort, and congestion.

When you have a breakout, blackhead, whitehead or dry rough spot. It is indicating something that is going on in your body.

The steamer is on at the same time that I perform the facial massage. This hydrates the skin and helps open up the pore so extractions can be done.

Classic Facial        $ 55

The face and neck are given a thorough cleansing, toning, massaging and steaming and deep pore cleansing if required. High Frequency Machine is used to reduce acne and or stimulate collagen and elastin.  A mask suited to the clients’ skin type is applied and left on for 25 minutes.

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