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I recommend and sell Zanqara Vegan Holistic Skin Care

10% off with first order with promo code IDA10

zanqara holistic skin care benefits

10% off with first order with promo code IDA10

Having radiant, flawless skin is possible using Zanqara “Holistica” homeopathic skincare, cleanser, toners, creams, masks and lotions. Since 1959, this Canadian-made line “Holistica” has been highly recommended by naturopaths and homeopathic doctors for its ability to heal the skin from within the body.

“Holistica’s” pure and natural ingredients, including organic essential oils, effectively penetrate the skin to encourage detoxification and oxygenation. For example, oils that stimulate the endocrine system can boost the excretion of the estrogen hormone to increase the skin’s collagen and muscle tone. The result is healthy, glowing and younger-looking skin.

Cosmetic-grade skin care is available in most retail stores.

These products sit on the top of the skin.

Cosmeceutical skin care is considered medical grade and penetrates deep into the skin's layers to help it rebuild itself. "Holistica" is a medical-grade skincare line. You can use less of it to get results. It is vegan-friendly.

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