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Copper, Silver, Brass and Bronze's Biocidal Effects

Updated: May 14

Copper, Silver, Brass and Bronze's Biocidal Effects

Specific metals like copper, silver, brass, and bronze can destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses. A scientific term called the oligodynamic effect explains why these metals are effective for biocidal issues. Silver, copper and brass pots that held contaminated drinking water were researched for their antimicrobial abilities. They all had the same concentration of bacteria put in them, and they were all tested at different times, and they monitored the reduction of the level of bacteria in them. They found that the copper pot had killed the bacteria within four hours. The silver and brass took eight to twelve hours. The clock times vary with different bacteria. For germicidal protection, you can purchase various copper containers.  

Only ten percent of the surfaces require to be coated with copper or brass to provide some public protection from getting infections. Hospitals have some surfaces precoated with copper-based coatings to prevent hospital-acquired infections.

Copper, Silver, Brass and Bronze's Biocidal Effects

Brass is an alloy - a combination of zinc and copper.    Brass handles, door plates, doorknobs and handrails protect the public from getting infections. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Brass, bronze and copper's antibacterial properties are only effective when these metals are unlacquered. The destruction of germs relies on the metal's ability to oxidize or tarnish. The oxygen in the air needs to react with it. Don't try removing the lacquer from copper or brass handles. You may remove the finish that makes it appear as brass or copper. Thousands of years ago, they threw silver coins in water to keep it fresh. Silver ions bind with the germ cell's DNA and change its structure. "Born with a silver spoon in its mouth" refers to the individual's health. Babies fed with silverware or silver pacifiers had better health. It naturally disinfects itself. Simultaneous use of ionized silver and copper controls germs more effectively. An ionized state is a scientific way of describing the ability to tarnish. In this order, the periodic chart has copper - Cu, silver - Ag and gold - Au. Copper may be the most reactive because it has the lowest molecular weight of the three.

Copper containers prevent the water from contamination. Water stored in copper vessels is better than ceramic, plastic, or stainless-steel containers, as no slime can form on surfaces. Copper paint is available for antimicrobial protection. Copper sheets reduce infections from body sweat, dirt, dander, skin cells, sputum, pollen and soil, providing the ideal medium for bacterial, fungal and viral cultures. Copper wound dressings is also available to reduce infections. Silver infused sheets are also available.

Copper and silver socks prevent foot odour by reducing the odour causing bacteria.

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