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How to: Light therapy for teeth

Updated: Feb 22

I’ve talked about the benefits of using light therapy in the past for skin care. Within the past year I had a bit of gingivitis in my upper right gums. I thought about how Red-light is helpful for rebuilding skin and how NIR light helps rebuild muscle, tendon and bones. I searched the internet and sure enough light therapy devices exists for dental care. I used the device every day for two to three weeks. My gingivitis was cured. My husband had the same problem. He waited 6 months before ordering one for himself. His gingivitis was cured as well. Our gums are pink and healthy. The devise has Red LED Light for rebuilding gums, Near Infra-Red LED light for rebuilding bones and Blue LED Light for killing germs. It can also be used for whitening teeth. WE use the devices every two days for maintenance purposes. Understanding philosophy’s can sometimes help you in other areas of your life. I'VE ALSO READ THAT SOME DENTIST USE RED LIGHT, TO SPEED UP THE MOVEMENT OF TEETH, WHEN IT IS NECESSARY. Decreases length of time braces are necessary. Purple Led Light is also used to enhance teeth whitening. I also have Red Light and NIR Light therapy in my business as well. Its usefulness is seen the most when I have an injury. I use the light box for 10 minutes and it speeds up the healing of the skin. Depending on the severity of the injury, bandages are sometimes, not necessary. I offer Red Light, NIR Light and Blue light treatments. It can be used in combination with massage, facials and pedicures. There are many options. This is the one I used. You can purchase this medical grade oral care device for yourself .

DPL Oral Care System at Led technology

This options which is available on Amazon doesn't have Near infra red light. It is more affordable.

Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit


This one has Red, Purple and Blue light, plus a fan. It is held in front of the mouth for hygienic purposes. Dentist can use this in their clinics.

Dental Teeth Whitening Lamp, LED Teeth Whitener 8 LED Light Lamp, Blue Purple Red 3 Mode Whitening


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