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How to reduce insect bite reactions

Updated: May 31

bug bite thing
My experience with bee stings

How to reduce insect bite reactions

I’m married to a beekeeper. When a bee stings me in the face, or head it triggers a quasi-anaphylaxis reaction. I have stomach aches and pains and my heart starts beating very fast. To be clear this doesn’t happen when other areas of my body are stung. The only explanation I have for this is that, the venom from the bee gets to the heart in a concentrated form via the jugular vein. This pattern has developed from years of living with a Beekeeper. People that live with beekeepers are more likely to develop anaphylactic responses to bee stings . This happens because their work clothes are covered with bee stings. The bee sting venom is dispersed in the air when it dries. Since, I don’t get stung as much as him, I develop an partial anaphylactic response, breathing it in. I’m a certified foot reflexologist, that is flexible with my joints. In the past I have performed reflexology on myself, immediately afterward to avoid getting sick. It works like an “EpiPen”, but its much cheaper. This product here “Bug Bite Thing” creates a suction and pulls the poison out. I used it right away. It helped me get all the bee stinger out as well. Make sure to disinfect the device and area when you use it when you use it. It also pulled some of the blood out. I had no ill feelings and reduced swelling due to the bee sting. Its really good. It can be used for splinters as well. When you don’t have a health care plan you learn to be creative with your medical issues. Here is a link below if you would like to get it for yourself.

Bug Bite Thing

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