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Magnesium aids with Hair Removal

Updated: May 31

The stress of waxing and or sugaring can cause many health related issues. Some people are so worried they feel the need to have a friend come with them. Some use products that contain Lidocaine to numb the nerves. They are called numbing creams.


Diarrhea or Anxiety will make the situation seem worse than it should. Areas like underarms or brazilians are the most worrisome. The intensity of hair growth makes the pain tolerance worse.

My client wanted to postpone her appointment for this reason. She was going to buy some specifically for diarrhea. I suggested she buy magnesium. If you take magnesium before a meal it helps with constipation. If you take it after a meal it help with diarrhea. If a client has diarrhea, it helps calm the nerves and then the body can heal better because they are more calm.

Days later she came in and was much more calm for the procedure. She was also much more calm. Another plus to buying magnesium is you can use it for days you have trouble sleeping as well. It has more than one use.

I like this brand of magnesium. It is absorbed into the body quicker.

If you would like to purchase it, because Magnesium aids with Hair Removal. Here is a link.


hair emovalon woman,  magnesium bis-glycinate


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