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Nothing Boring About Boron

Boron is an element found naturally in leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach. It can also be found in coffee, dried beans, grains, milk, prunes, raisins, non-citrus fruits (apples, bananas, peaches and dried apricots), avocados, potatoes and nuts.

Boron deficiency is, the most widespread micronutrient deficiency around the world common. The deficiency of the micronutrient Boron causes large losses in plant production and quality.

There’s no specific daily dose recommended for boron.

Some Boron deficiency symptoms are : Hyperthyroidism, imbalance of estrogen, testosterones, osteoporosis, arthritis and nervous system abnormalities. Boron supplements are available to help prevent its deficiency.

Boron is found in higher levels in bone, nails, and hair. There isn't much in other body tissues and fat. Boric acid is the main form of boron in blood, urine, and other body fluids. Boron induces the mineralization activity of what’s called your osteoblasts. Osteoblasts are a type of cell that creates new material to rebuild bones. Boron activates these cells through regulating gene expression. Boron extends the amount of time estrogen is present in the body, and in turn helps to maintain healthy bones.

The sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone needs Boron to create and maintain a good balance. They change your oral microbiome balance (gingivitis) and affect your immune system. Pregnant women should be more concerned about bleeding gums.

Boron improves task performance, motor control, attention and short-term memory. function.

Boron helps your body metabolize key vitamins and minerals. People with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to have low levels of boron. It also helps your body absorb magnesium better.

Boric acid is a form of Boron. It is sometimes said to help with recurrent vaginal yeast infections when used as a vaginal suppository. Boric acid should never be ingested.

Helpful for Diabetes and High cholesterol.

Boron helps wounds heal with the common enzymes in animal tissues – collagenase, alkaline phosphatase, and elastase. Boron activates fibroblasts of the skin and tissues.

Boron detoxifies metals and other things.

Normally, Boron supplements are regarded as relatively safe and non-toxic because any excess is easily eliminated, primarily in the urine, and small amounts are excreted in the feces, sweat, breath, and bile. Excessive Boron symptoms are nausea, vomiting, weakness and dermatitis. Sometimes, skeletal abnormalities may occur. Insufficient Kidney functions, might cause a build up of boron in the heart, kidneys, brain and tissues. Please, be aware of taking it in high-concentration supplements.

Do not try and consume Boric acid or Borax (sodium borate). Symptoms of excessive Borax include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, headaches, and convulsions. Very high amounts of Borax can cause death.


Swanson Ultra Albion Chelated Boron (6mg, 60 Capsules)


Trophic Boron Chelazome -3mg, 90 Count

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