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Breast Cancer Prevention

Updated: Mar 8

Breast tissue has poor lymph flow. The lymph system is designed to keep the body's fluids in balance and evacuate toxins, proteins, dead cells, and excess fluid from the extra-cellular spaces. The flow of lymphatic fluid works with our immune system to aid in eliminating toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals, and plastic residues to accumulate in your breast tissue. People who had breast cancer learn that it is important to exercise their arms. This simple act keeps the blood flow to the lymph nodes in the under-arm area. The lymphatic system relies on physical movement to flow properly. Underwire bras restrict blood and lymphatic flow.

Bras cross major lymph vessel pathways and if not well fitted cause breast lymph congestion and connective tissue restrictions. This is especially true for large-breasted women and for those women choosing to wear thin strapped bras and underwires.

Going braless allows breasts to move the lymphatic fluid and allows the body to naturally detox. Dry brushing or massage is another great way to stimulate lymphatic flow. My facial massage works on the lymphatic system of the underarms ,collar and face and neckline.

The band on the bra should be comfortably snug, but not restricting. If it’s sliding around, then a tighter band is needed.

If the bra hurts and leaves indentations in your skin for long periods of time after you have removed the bra, don’t wear it.

Get professionally fitted for your bra. If you have sudden weight gain or loss, consider resizing your bra.

The breasts shouldn’t be bulging out of the cups on the sides or top.

Wide strap provides more uniform pressure.

Avoid push up bras and underwire bras. (Comfortable sports bras).

Limit time spent wearing a skinny strap or underwire bra.

Wear different styles of comfortable bras,

Do regular stretching of the upper body and chest area.

Use non-chemical, non-toxic personal care products on your body and armpits.



For more information read "Dressed to Kill"

By Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer


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