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Holistic Eye Care Tips

Updated: Jan 15

Holistic Eye Care Tips

Holistic Eye Care Tips

1. EYE BAGS: Two problems exist. Stagnant lymph fluid or fat deposits, as each requires a different approach. If it's due to lymph fluid, alternate gentle warm and cool compresses, massage, acupuncture, microcurrent, face yoga, Jade rolling, or Gua Sha can help promote positive blood flow and drain the lymph fluid. For fat deposits, surgical removal may be necessary.

2. DARK EYE CIRCLES: Genetics or low kidney function can contribute to dark circles under the eyes. If it's due to genetics, self-acceptance may be the only solution. If it's due to poor kidney health, seeking help from a functional medicine doctor or Chinese doctor to boost kidney function can be beneficial.

3. DROOPY EYELIDS: Inherited genetic bone structure can cause droopy eyelids. A home-use microcurrent device and face yoga can be helpful, but eyelift surgery may be the most effective solution.

4. CROW'S-FEET: Proper hydration and using eye-friendly skincare products, such as Zanqara: Reverse Eye Gel, Royal 24K Gold eye gel, Intensive Eye Cream, and Clock Stop Eye Mask, can help reduce the appearance of crow's feet.

 Zanqara  Holistic eye care products

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Use Promo Code "IDA10" and get 10% off your first order at https://www.zanqara.ca

5. GENERALLY AGING EYES: Avoid squinting, rubbing the eyes intensely, and stretching the delicate skin around the eyes when removing makeup. Wearing sunglasses and using SPF around the eyes can also be helpful to avoid aging.

6. RED LIGHT THERAPY is a natural and non-invasive solution that reduces the appearance of crow's feet by increasing collagen production, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation in the skin. Regular use gives you a more youthful and radiant appearance with red light therapy.

7 EGG SHELL MEMBRANE contains essential nutrients such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine, all necessary for healthy skin. When you consume eggshell membranes, these nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream and transported to your skin cells and other body areas. Collagen and elastin production are stimulated, which helps reduce the crow's feet and other signs of aging.


8 BONE BROTH Is a health tonic with numerous benefits for the body, including skin health. One specific advantage of bone broth for skin is that it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, including crow's feet around the eyes.

Bone broth is made by simmering bones (often from chicken, beef, or fish) with water, herbs, or vegetables for an extended period. This process extracts collagen, amino acids, and minerals from the bones, creating a nutrient-rich broth that can benefit skin health. Amino acids, such as proline and glycine, found in bone broth, can help boost skin elasticity and hydration, further improving the appearance of crow's feet.

BONE BROTH is high in sodium. People with high blood pressure or low-sodium diets should consult their healthcare provider to assess the safety of consuming bone broth.



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