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Mighty Mites are really the problem

Updated: May 31

MITES are insects that survive off the sebum our bodies produce, children under 5 don’t have enough sebum production to be a proper host. Proper cleansing is recommended your child is prone to sweating,

If you combine all you skin concerns, you will need several different products: your acne cleanser doesn’t address aging mutations, and your wrinkle cream doesn’t address rosacea or sensitivities, and your day cream doesn’t solve the black bumpy patches of blackheads. All these are classified as different skin concerns. Mighty Mites are really the problem that’s causing all those conditions to begin.

Skin conditions, such as: acne, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, black heads, white heads, bumps under the skin, Rosacea, dryness, swelling, puffiness, wrinkles, large pores, oiliness, and poor complexation, premature aging, flaking, poor complexation, hair loss, inflammation, poor immune system, psoriasis, eczema, bad breath, alopecia, Blepharitis, broken capillaries, dry eyes, pink eye and so much more are manifested because of the infestation of mites occurring on our very own body.

These MITES are transferable, and they can transfer bacteria/ viruses/diseases (Including STDs) from one host to another. They prefer female hormones and will always be found in greater numbers on woman than on a man. Keep in mind, men with beards and excessive body hair will surely have more mites than the average woman. These mites bury themselves into the pores, ducts and glands of their hosts. Stating that, its understood that humans have approximately 5 million pores all over their bodies (a few hundred thousand more pores for men).

These mites have a 14-18 days life span (eggs to adults), when they die, they remain in our pores, slowly being pushed to the surface to be washed off as we regularly cleanse ourselves and remove layers of dead skin. (Thank God for scrubs)

The mites which are seen on the human body Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis do not defecate. If they are not properly cleansed out, they decompose in your pores when they die releasing fumes and bacteria of everything they are holding inside.

A single female Demodex can lay 10 to 12 eggs per pore. Multiply that by the number of pores in the human body. That would mean you have approximately 50-60 million eggs waiting to hatch all over your body and feed off every square centimeter of your body. 5 adults Demodex’s per cm2 (approx.6 pores) is considered pathogenic and an infestation that will lead to several different skin conditions including Demodicosis, and without daily cleansing your body can make an environment where 6 or more adult demos can live in a single pore.

They prefer hosts between 20-40 years old, because that is when human sebum production is at its highest peak. Demodex thrive in this oily environment. The older their host gets the better the living condition is for them. Wrinkles acts as a very cozy cave that they can dwell in peacefully. Enlarged pores provides bigger cuddle numbers to lay mores eggs in. A weaker immune system also gives them more strength to live.

Signs that you have MITES

  • Random tickling sensations are signs they are walking across your skin

  • Random pinching sensations

  • Random itches

  • Little bumps under the skin (buildup of eggs)

  • Some cases of the blackheads are buildup of dead mite bodies and the protruding bumps you can scrape off is in fact their tails exposed above the skin

  • When you find a little pebble like substance on your eyelashes

  • When your eyes get randomly itchy

  • When you sometimes feel like something got into your eye, and rinsing your eye doesn’t help and the particular seems to have moved. (Sometimes the demos fall from your eyelashes into your eye)

  • When your eyelashes start to fall out more than normal

  • When your eyebrows get itchy or start losing hair

  • When you feel something moving in your hair or get a sudden desire to scratch your scalp

  • If you have fake eyelashes (This one is for certain)

  • Heavy or thick make-up use regularly

Medicated creams that might be recommended because they contain killing agents:

Crotamiton: leads to server burning sensations, stinging, irritation, rashes, redness. It stops the sense of itching by producing a counter irritation.

Metronizaole: Minor reactions include- nausea, mouth dryness, vomiting, and diarrhea. Severe reactions – Cerebellar Toxicity and lithium toxicity. Central nervous system dysfunctions like Ataxic gait, dysarthia, seizures, and encephalopathy, produce abnormal sperm, and lead to reproductive organs toxicity.

Permethrin: Mild Burning and stinging, redness, swelling, rashes, numbness or tingling where the medicine was applied, considered a low to moderate toxin, causes enlargement of the live and cause nerve damage, and reproductive organ toxicity.

Ivermectin: This cream is used for face mites that don't respond to other treatments. It is most commonly used in those with compromised immune systems. Possible side effects include dizziness, nausea, and vomiting

The above products meant to address the issue will lead to further skin issues and premature aging!

Your skin care routine could actually be feeding them.That’s why Zanqara has created this powerful new DC line, you can deep cleanse and feel critter free, and address the visible skin issues while having advanced anti-aging properties. They have a DC cleanser, DC toner,day cream and night cream for oily skin, dry skin and for every type of skin. These moisturizing sanitizers can be used on the face and hand. They also have a face and hand moisturizing sanitizer. It is a 79.5% Ethanol based. It has strong and powerful antimicrobial oils and extracts to make this disinfectant lush and unique. It has DC40 Oil and DC40 Extract. This product remains slightly moist for up to 2 hours allowing the Ethanol to continue working and creating a protective barrier. It hydrates, moisturizes while having anti-aging properties. You can apply as often as you want without drying out your skin. During this time take an organic and natural approach to protecting your skin and not lose the power of sanitization and disinfection. Take the Zanqara approach.

Esthetics by Ida offers Zanqara DC products

Please read their blog post about mites which further elaborates the issue.

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