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Structured Water

Updated: Jan 12

Structured Water

Water that has traveled over rocks is known as structured water. Structured water is also termed magnetized or hexagonal water. Stagnant water has no energy. Structured water is the form your body needs to function. The conversion from H2O (regular water) to H3O2(structured water) molecules isn’t required. It saves energy at cellular level.

Fruits, vegetables and meats are also forms of structured water.

Because gel water is transmitted through the body via our fascia, understanding it can potentially deepen our knowledge of both collagen and fascia. Water in our synovial fluid, joint fluid, and, importantly, our cells, is gel water.

Infrared saunas use light waves in the red wave spectrum range. In that range, light waves reach the water molecules in our bodies and split them into positive and negative charges, shifting their molecular structure, and creating gel water. The sun also does exactly this same work, and modest exposure is nature’s way of purifying and charging water. We can adapt to our indoor, out-of-the-sun life by using infrared saunas.

Below are other ways to incorporate structured water into your life:

Incorporate as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can. Not only are they full of gel water themselves, but they also contain naturally occurring electrolytes, and their fiber helps the body absorb gel water. For those reasons, a green juice or smoothie is actually more hydrating than a bottle of water.

Add lemon or lime to water; the electrolytes help encourage the production of gel water.

Toss a pinch of sea salt or rock salt (Himalayan pink salt works well) into your water bottle. The electrolytes help encourage the production of gel water.

Drink and cook with bone broth, which is full of collagen (which is full of gel water).

Add a teaspoon of crushed chia seeds to smoothies and other drinks. By crushing up the seeds, you create more surface area, and eventually more gel.


Try cooking with coconut and ghee, which are both full of gel water and electrolytes.


All this information has been taken from “The Hydration Foundation”,

To learn more, click the link below.

Anthropologist, Gina Bria is very knowledgeable. I’d recommend signing up on this website. She has recipes for making structured water. So, the need to buy vortex machines and other gimmicks isn’t necessary. You get more nutrition by making structured water with food.

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