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Vitamin C : A Chlorine free solution

If you swim a lot in chlorinated pools.

The SFPUC established that 1000 mg of Vitamin C will completely dechlorinate a bathtub of tap water without significantly depressing pH levels. You can also use it to clean chlorine out of your swimsuits.

Approximately 2.5 parts of ascorbic acid are required for neutralizing 1 part chlorine. Since ascorbic acid is weakly acidic, the pH of the treated water may decrease slightly in low alkaline waters. Sodium ascorbate will also neutralize chlorine. It is pH neutral and will not change the pH of the treated water.

Vitamin C shower heads are available as well.


Vitamin C Filter Shower Head with Hose & 3 Replacement Balms - Handheld High Pressure Filtered Shower Head - Hard Water Softener (Vitamin C Filter Shower Head with ON/Off Pause Switch)

Specialty shampoos with vitamin C are available to clean chlorine out of damaged hair.

Solpri Swimmers Chlorine Swim Shampoo and Body Wash with Vitamin C 8 FL Oz


WHITE CONC Body Shampoo with Vitamin C Derivative and Glycyrrhizic

Acid 2K - Essential Hub - 600 ML


Vittamin C bath tablets are also readily available.

Redoxon Double Action Effervescent Tablets - Vitamin C 1000mg and Zinc 10mg, 4 x 15 Count


To be clear, there is a difference between L-ascorbic acid and vitamin C. L ascorbic acid is one part of Vitamin C. When looking to neutralize water from chlorine, make sure to use Vitamin C supplements that state L-ascorbic acid only. They are cheaper than Vitamin C from actual foods. L-Ascorbic acid can be synthetically reproduced.

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