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Ingrown Toenail or Overgrown Toe skin?

Updated: Jun 7

Ingrown Toenail or Overgrown Skin

Overgrown Toe skin is the new term for Ingrown toenail. Patients with too much soft tissue along the sides of the nail. Weight-bearing causes the excess skin to bulge up along the inside/outside of the toes. Excess weight also causes Ingrown toenails. Visible curling on the sides is one trait. The nail is not the problem with overgrown skin. It is the excessive tissue. The tissue becomes damaged by the external pressure of the skin around the nail and causes the toenail to dig into the excess skin. Swelling, redness, infection and pain are a result.

Toenails can take up to 18 months to grow fully.

The growth rate varies on personal health, of course. Traditionally, the most common treatments narrowed the toenail. Podiatrists usually remove part or all of the nail. The nail matrix, where the nail grows, is located beneath the cuticle. It is intentionally damaged to terminate the nail growth. This procedure only works sometimes. The nail becomes deformed, or the original problem reoccurs. I’ve had it done by a podiatrist and can verify that it didn’t work for me. There is a 70% failure rate of removing all or part of the nail. Overgrown Toe skin can deform the toenail, and the problem usually returns. There is an increased risk of infection on a toenail with poor cosmetic appearance.

Ingrown Toenail or Overgrown Toe skin?

The Vandenbos surgery is the best treatment for Overgrown Toe skin. Excess tissue resting on the sides of the nail is removed and leaves the toenail untouched. A correctly performed surgery, with the required amount of soft tissue removed, ensures the problem will not return. This surgery cannot fix a previously damaged nail. Podiatrists do not perform this surgery. A doctor in London, Ontario, Canada, does this surgery. Request a referral from your doctor to find one in your area. As long you have good foot circulation. You can have this toe surgery without any modifications. The Vandenbos Surgery does not alter the nail. The toenail looks normal after the surgery and gives excellent cosmetic results. This procedure has been in existence since 1959.

Another simple technique is available. Wrap a piece of waterproof medical tape on the outside of the overgrown toe skin and pull outward to below the front of the opposite end of the toenail. This procedure will temporarily release the pressure of the excess skin.

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